Zip Code: 930-1406
Toyama Prefecture, Nakanigawa-Gun, Tateyama Machi, Ashikuraji 49
Tel: 0081-76-481-1201
Fax: 0081-76-481-1203

Company Outline



  ■Name of Company Marushin Shitaka Construction Co., Ltd.
  ■Address (Head Office) Postal Code 930-1406
49-Ashikuraji, Tateyama-Machi, Nakanikawa-gun, Toyama, Japan
  ■TEL 076-481-1201
  ■FAX 076-481-1203
  ■President Shinki SHITAKA (Representative director & President)
  ■Established March 3, 1952
  ■Business General Civil Engineering, General Building, Real estate, Water and Sewerage Facilities, Steel Structures, Paving, Interior Finishing, Carpentry, Scaffolding and Eartwork, Masonry, Plastering, Water Proofing.

Company History

Company History
  1952 Founded as Shitaka Gumi.
  1955 Establishment of Shitaka gravel selling company.
  1964 Establishment of Marushin Shitaka Construction Co., Ltd.
  1969 Establishment of ready mixed concrete factory.
  1975 Increase in Capital to 12,000,000 Yen.
  1981 Increase in capital amount to 48,000,000 yen.
  1990 Registration of general building.
  1992 Establishment of Nepal Branch.
  1994 Started JAVADA training programme ( Trainee from Nepal).
  2001 ISO9001 Certificate granted.
  2004 Completion of JAVADA training programme.
  2009 ECO Action 21 certificate granted.
  2010 Establishment of wood pellet factory.
  2011 Establishment of Bhutan Office.
  2013 Certificate awarded from Embassy of Japan in Nepal for promoting friendship and mutual understanding between Japan and Nepal, specifically in the areas of international economic and technical cooperation.
  2014 Establishment of Tokyo Office.

Inquiry Form

Inquiry Form
<<MARUSHIN SHITAKA CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD.>> 930-1406 Tateyama Nakanigawa-Gun, Toyama Prefecture, TEL:0081-76-481-1201 FAX:0081-76-481-1203